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Technogym integrates Android into new equipment

TechnogymFor many people the idea of a heavy session of cardio down the gym daunting, and lets face it the weather here is not always permitted for training outdoors, so they need something to help lighten the load and keep them entertained. However there is only so many times you can play your “workout playlist” without it tiering and I think it is fair to say watching Ken Barlow on Coronation Street is hardly the most motivation of views.

This was clearly highlighted to many people and with our ever growing enahncement in health&fitness technology, it seemed there was a window that needed filling. Fitness equipment manufactuer Technogym did just that, and recently launch a new line of gym machines which integrate Android power functions.

Very simply set up a ‘Wellness’ account and users of the machine are able to view all there favourite websites, services and accessories all accessed via a smartphone or specialised key, called the Unity system.

Currently the company have a cycling and running machine, which includes a screen on the front, which has the ability to access the internet, entertainment and TV. The equipment also come with Skype integration, allowing you to make calls whilst on route, and if you were looking for that little bit of motivation, why not race against any other member of the Unity system around the world?

In terms of the weight machines, they assess how you train to help maximise your performance, looking at how many reps you take, and if they are too fast or slow.

Once you have finished your workout, the system logs how much work you have done, which then goes into a list, allowing you to view your progress in comparison to others.

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