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Nike releases impressive figures for its fitness gadgets

Nike+ 18mConfirmation of the inevitable was released earlier this week relating to the health and fitness market and more specifically Nike+ and their rise in fitness technology, which lets face it is no surprise to anyone.

Nike let slip that its online platform, which allows users to track statistics of their exercise output via a number of devices including the FuelBand, SportWatch and Nike+ fitness app, has exceeded more than 18 million members worldwide. Nike manages to quantify all this activity through NikeFuel; the platform allows users to monitor their progress over many different disciplines, however as of yet has the company pushed the app onto Android. This move has undoubtedly resulted in a huge rise in competitors such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings.

It must also be taken into account though that when people think Nike, they don’t necessarily relate it to technology and to have 18 million users is definitely something to brag about. Now it is all about waiting to see what Nike’s answer will be to the growing demand for smartwatches, which is being linked to the diminish of fitness gadgets.

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