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Monitor your fitness like never before

Sensoria SocksYet another venture to be pushed into the ever-growing health and fitness tech market and this time we see Heapsylon take the headlines. However this time, forget your wristbands, monitoring clips or individual apps, they have taken an innovative approach in an attempt to separate them from the competition.

Since receiving more than $72k in funding from 450 investors on the start-up website Indiegogo, Heapsylon are only $15k off of their target with 16 days still to go. So this looks likely that we are to see the first batch of Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker’s out soon.

Yes, Heapsylon are on the verge of producing in bulk socks, which will have the ability to, not only track steps, distance, speed and calorie count, but also have textile sensors placed under each foot to help you analyse your running technique. Meaning more enthusiastic runners are able to change the way they run, to best get the results out of their workout. All the data is transferred onto a Bluetooth enabled magnetic anklet, which along with the app (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to view all this information.

Heapsylon not only wants to interrupt a busy market, but also become unique to all others in it. The company wants to see other app developers create programmes for the Sensoria product as well – with apparently seven developers already in the wings and willing to pay $399 for a software kit.

It is yet to be confirmed as to what the socks will retail at, however I cannot see them lasting too long, unless they undercut many of the competitors, and we are not talking about just one pair!

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