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Withings Tries its Luck at Wearable Technology

Withings PulsePossibly one of the largest growing markets currently in circulation, health and fitness gadgets seem to surround us and they do not look likely of slowing down anytime soon. One of the latest features in the market is from a brand firmly associated with health and weight loss, Withings and there product the Pulse.

The Pulse, the first wearable fitness tracker from Withings, allows users to track steps take, calories burnt, sleeping patterns and has a touch sensitive panel for calculating your pulse therefore giving you the opportunity to take down your heart rate. It has a small touch sensitive OLED display and optional clips of wrist straps are available to comfortably always have it on your person.

The thing that separates the Pulse from other wearable devices is the hardware ecosystem, which they have implemented from their smart scales, allowing users to calculate more complex data currently unseen on other similar devices. Withings also has an advantage over market leader competitors such as Fitbit and Jawbone as they can shut the door on cooperation work in the future, which is currently how both of those market leaders gain their weight loss information.

The new gadget Pulse is now available and retailing at $99.00, we will now have to wait and see if it reaches its potential.

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