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Make money as you loose weight with DietBet

DietBetAre you the type of person who one day wakes up extremely motivated to start a diet and sign your life away in gym memberships, only for it all to collapse in front of you after two weeks and your first slip off track?

Motivation is one of the fundamental necessities needed to inspire you during dieting. However it has been highlighted that a lot of people fail to portray this trait and therefore fail during they’re opening few months. DietBet a new social dieting app, noticed this familiar trend and decided to give people the incentive they needed in order to stay on track and reach their desired goals.

The idea behind the app was to add motivation to those who fall short by introducing a gambling aspect to dieting. The app works by users setting up groups, which they then agree on a fee people will pay to join and ultimately gamble for a chance to win more money. So how do you win? When logged into the app, users will see a long list of groups, which haven’t started along with the amount it costs as a wager to join. Once you select a group you will place your money into a ‘pot,’ which will be equally distributed to the winner/s at the end. The ultimate aim of the game is to loose 4% of your total body weight within 4 weeks; those who do not win will forfeit their money and it will be split amongst the winners.

This is a great idea as you have something to play for. It will help keep dieter motivated for the long term as they know at the end of the line they can gain financial benefits from working out.

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