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Could Xbox One become the next generation in terms of fitness?

Xbox KinectAfter one of the most profiled announcements of this year, the Xbox One is now being lined up not only to be a new generation games console, but an entertainment hub for the home. This now offers new venues for the console, which before would have seemed unrealistic. One of these new routes being rumoured, is Xbox One becoming a fitness product, due to the integration of the consoles Kinect 2.0.

We were informed at the launch that Xbox Kinect has the ability to monitor a persons heart rate. This shows emphasis that the fitness market is something Xbox will be targeting, especially after seeing the success of such games like Nintendo’s Wii Fit.

Not just fitness but health. It is thought that the Kinect will also work like various smartphone apps on the market, monitoring your moles and skin conditions, to see if anti-aging regimen is really working.

Finally it is also thought that using Skype access, users can stay in touch with personal trainers to help them with their routienes within the home. Although this has been an option already available to most, which has so far not been taken advantage of.

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