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Metria, offering the comfortable alternative to health tracking

Metria Wearable TechnologyOver the past few weeks we have spoken about health monitoring gadgets and apps, which allow us to really interact with our bodies whist participating in fitness regimes. What all of these previous products have in common is there predominantly targeted at sports personal. This is understandable as most of these products are fundamentally purchased by runners, cyclists etc. However it must be noted that wearable technology can help us monitor so much more.

From sports and fitness to clinical diagnostics, wearable sensors could have a significant impact on healthcare. Metria is another state of the art-monitoring product, which primarily aims to target what thee company feel all other product are missing:

–        Comfort

–        Discretion

–        Cost

Rather than having to carry your mobile device around on you, or wear a bulky watch, Metria is a small sensor, which attaches to your skin using an adhesive. This allows the product to comfortably be attached to you over a long period, perfect for all day activities like exercising and showering. This therefore allows the product to gather enough critical information to understand your body. It monitors everything from heart rate and respiration to sleep duration and activity levels.

Once the device has this information stored, it can be integrated wirelessly to a computer, which then calculates and analyses the data, offering trends and helps to facilitate this for healthcare professionals. These statistics can then be viewed via a smartphone or web browser, summarizing all information obtained.

Metria says it is planning for the future. With so many raised concerns about health, being able to track these statistics at home is a necessity.

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