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Pebble releases first fitness app on smartwatch – RunKeeper

Pebble RunKeeperA lot of hype has surrounded Pebble the company, which accumulated up to $10 million financial investment last year via start up website Kickstarter. However there has been much negativity surrounding the smartwatch as well, most notable due to its lack of applications, inevitably making it a digital watch with multiple displays. Well now that is all about to change as RunKeeper (fitness app) announced that its latest update would make it compatible not only for iOS and Android but Pebble, allowing users to monitor their fitness progressions.

RunKeeper was one of the original companies to produce a smartphone based activity tracker and to this day is an industry leader. Pebble CEO Jason Jacobs was quoted saying that “the company is very interested in wearable technology.”

It is thought that this integration to Pebble will help spread the device to broader horizons that includes health and fitness consumers. The device once set up with RunKeeper will display pace, speed, and distance travelled and offer workout start and stop features. This makes it perfect for runners, cyclists or generic fitness fanatics and allow them to compete with the wearable fitness monitoring gadgets like Nike Fuelband, Jawbone etc.

Jacobs tried to push the fact that this was merely the start for RunKeeper and more was to come as the app developed. However for this moment in time, it doesn’t seem to offer the same indulged detail as some other fitness apps already out their on the market. On the plus side you are getting a smartwatch, which the possibilities in terms of advancement are endless, but if you are looking for purely a fitness tracker, you will probably be better looking elsewhere.

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