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Experience the run of your life, with Zone Dome

Zone DomeHave you ever dreaded the thought of climbing onto that treadmill and endlessly running, whilst looking down every 30 seconds to see how long you had left? Or perhaps enjoy running outside but lets face it, our winters aren’t around too long, which means you embrace the cold and rain far too often? It seems you need the best of both worlds, being distracted whilst still being in doors and enjoying the outdoors without the horrible weather situation.

Well now the Zone Dome released by Running Unlimited have developed a unique new product which fits to the end of your everyday treadmill and allows you to run through some of the most glamorous scenes in the world. It consists of a 1.5 metre wide screen and allows users to select up to five supplied scenes throughout the world, including:

–        Monument Valley

–        Route 66

–        Humphrey’s Peak

–        Dawn at Joshua Tree

–        Area 51

One of the biggest negative is that it does not offer sound, so whether or not this will actually attract runners is yet to be seen. Users can select 20 of 40-minute runs at speeds of between 9 and 12 km/h, which aren’t particularly long for your keen jogger. The aim is to get these into gyms and leisure centres, which I think will work as a tool of getting people on the machines, initially. However once people have used it, I see the screen being somewhat of a gimmick, especially at the cost of £3,940 per unit and £500 to update a new destination to view.

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