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Take overall control of your workouts with Runtastic

RuntasticA problem commonly seen with people trying to get fit is willingness to commit to the cause. Simply staying true to your diet and routine plan becomes too much of a hassle and temptation takes over. It has been proven that training with a partner is one of the key points to sticking to your workout for the long haul. However there is still that ever growing list of people who like to do everything of their own back, pushing themselves for that self satisfaction, or just so they don’t get distracted.

Runtastic is an app primarily designed for individuals, designed to promote fun activity throughout exercise and allowing you to completely take control of your plan, avoiding all distractions. There are a variety of different apps depending on your choice of exercise, including road and mountain biking, walking and others, designed so that you have as little shift in life style as possible.

Simply download the app and you will be able to monitor up to a number of attributes including distance, speed, pace, time, heart rate, calorie consumption and route travelled via a GPS system. This is not to mention all the other statistics recorded through the upgraded PRO version. Once you have completed your workout, you are given the ability to monitor all of these statistics through your smartphone device or online, allowing your to keep track of improvements and save favourite routes.

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