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Have your own personal nutritionist with new iOS app Nutrino

iphoneAs we have seen and previously spoken about, the fact that the whole of our fitness and well being can be very much dominated through various technology outputs, which offer us insights to our personal health. However not too many apps cover what we should be doing to improve our health in terms of a nutritional value. Now a new revolutionary app has launched, which takes users current diets and transforms them into healthy nutritional meals based on their profiles.

Nutrino is the virtual nutritionist that takes into account users, favourite foods to consume, ideal goals, habits and tastes to overall improve their life style.

Nutrino prides itself on being unique due to the fact it will specify itself to the exact user traits allowing the app to be more attractive and dieting to be easier. The app is allowed to do this through the user answering a series of questions about themselves, their physical ability and diet. Once this is done, the user chooses they’re desired goal (i.e. loose weight) and the app will develop a weekly meal plan to suit the scenario.

There will be changes into people diets, hence the reason they are using the app in the first place, however Nutrino aims to keep as many of the foods the user likes to eat in the plan as possible. This transformation can sometimes be off putting, so Nutrino aims to help those struggling. They do this through its “Grocery List” which offers the user various channels to purchase their food; this includes many top supermarkets including ASDA and Tesco.

The app has just launched on iOS and featured at this years TNW conference, worth checking out.

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