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Track your movement like never before, with LIT the Fitness Tracker for Extreme Sports

LIT TrackerWe have seen countless apps and devices, which allow people to monitor their daily exercise, be that running, gym work or just your every day movements. However now there is a new product hitting the shelves, which pushes the boundaries that little bit further. LIT, an activity tracker from NZN Labs, has created an augmented device which has a unique measurement system making the product perfect for those into there extreme sports.

LIT allows users to measure such things as speed skiing down a mountain or extended airtime for boarders and logs all of these statistics into your smartphone or tablet. This may not be the biggest category within sports but it definitely offers a niche currently unavailable on the market. The other aspect of LIT is that it promotes competition through social media sharing, which we consider to be an added bonus as you always have someone pushing you. Essentially LIT are trying to emulate what GoPro did with digital cameras, where they specifically designed them to capture coverage in extreme conditions.

But don’t think that if your not doing backflips on your bike that this product will not meet your satisfaction. It’s monitoring of exercise including running and walking are second to none and by using the clever gamification element allows you still to compete with your friends or set individual targets.

The product is designed to be durable in all conditions due to is target market, this amounts to it being waterproof and shock resistant. Unfortunately the device is yet to be on sale to the public, although retail price is thought to be around $149.

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