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Facebook creates Olympics athletics hub: Explore London 2012


The Olympics are nearly here and to give fans access to the latest news about their favourite athletes and sports, Facebook has launched the Explore London 2012 page, kinda like a big hub full of athletic goodness.

The Explore London 2012 page contains all of the other pages relating to the games in one handy place, so you can scroll through them and “like” anything and everything that interests you. This means you’re creating your own personalised Olympics feed and only the content that you care about will appear in your news feed instead of updates about netball or orienteering. Ew.

The pages consist of athletes, national teams, individual sports, broadcasters or even sponsors (although they’ll be less appealing to follow we’re sure).

Joanna Shields, VP and Managing Director EMEA at Facebook, said:

“The Olympic Games have always produced incredible stories. Some make headlines, but many never find an audience.

“These Olympics, every story has the potential to be heard. On Facebook, all athletes can have an audience, and every fan can track how their heroes are doing, support them, encourage them, and share their stories with the world.”

Mark Adams, Director of Communications at the IOC, said:

“The Olympics has been connecting fans with memorable sporting events and moments for more than a century, first in the stadiums, then through television and now on social media. It makes sense to give fans the best experience we can and these will be the first truly ‘social’ Games.

“I’m sure that through Facebook and all of our other social media channels we will manage to bring a new dimension to the Games for a new audience.”

We’re glad that Facebook and the IOC have hooked up to create the Explore London 2012 page because it provides fans with a super easy way to get the content they care about the most delivered straight to their news feed instead of seeing a load of rubbish they couldn’t care less about.

Check out the page:

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