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Adidas miCoach coming to a games console near you

adidas-micoachThe Adidas miCoach sub-brand has a range of successful devices under its belt that are specially designed to help you track and enhance your fitness, but now Adidas is branching out into the exciting world of video games too.

Adidas has a number of miCoach products on the market at the moment that have proven popular among all kinds of users, from complete beginners to sporting professionals who use the technology to monitor players and make important coaching decisions, like the Griffin Armband or Heart Rate Monitor. But now the brand will be publishing a new video game that’ll be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3, bringing the same tracking technology to a range of different activities all inside your home.

The games will allow players to take part in more than 400 different exercises and more lengthy workouts, while receiving feedback and tracking their progress along the way. As you’d expect from a modern day exercise game based so much on movement, the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move controllers will play an integral part in Adidas’ new gaming title.

The new venture into gaming means that users can now keep track of their fitness when they’re outside working out or in front of the TV taking part in the exercises within the game, so everything can be tracked and monitored regardless of where you are, which sets the Adidas miCoach suite of products apart from similar offerings that solely allow you to track outside activity or exercises you’ve achieved during gameplay.

To keep users motivated, a number of athletes will appear in the game, like  Dwight Howard, Jessica Ennis and Jose Mourinho, among others.

[Via TGDaily]

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