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How Do You Know When You’ve Hit Middle Age?

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Middle aged is a time that comes to everyone, take a look at how to know when you’re there and how you can make the future brighter for you and your family.

Middle aged is the dreaded milestone that no one wants to hit, but eventually everyone does. So what are the tell-tale signs that you’ve hit the feared middle aged category?

The need to wear comfortable shoes is the first tell-tale sign that you’re middle aged. In your teens you can all day and all night in the most ridiculous sized stiletto heels but when you get that bit older this can no longer happen. In fact you’ll do anything just to wear a pair of slippers wherever you go. It’s not just women though it’s men too and smart black shoes become a no no as they don’t provide enough comfort to your tired feet.

You’ll start to find yourself avoiding certain shops because you know in your head you’re still 25 and will end up buying n outfit and shoes suitable for a 25 year old.

Your hearing will start to dwindle too and when your reply to everything is ‘what?’ and ‘pardon’ then you know it’s hit you. Subtitles on the TV are sure fire sign too and the fact that you seek out the quiet, brightly lit pubs that do ‘nice’ food where you can sit down and have a civilised conversation. At this point there’s no turning back.

You’ll start to find that everyday activities really irritate you, the things you used to find so easy are becoming more and more difficult. Technology is your biggest nightmare and you never want a new mobile phone again because all you want it for is ‘to make calls’ so what’s the point in having a new modern day device? These are the times when you know you’re there.

Finally, you might start considering the importance of your life and what people are going to do when you’re gone. Yes, it’s a morbid topic but the people who are just realising that they’ve become ‘middle aged’ will be considering this right now. Life insurance is a huge topic for the middle aged; something that the twenty and thirty something you never gave a second thought, or maybe you thought about it but never did anything about it also suddenly becomes really important – although this isn’t a bad thing.

Life insurance is actually really important and if you haven’t got it by the time you reach the middle aged panic then you should seriously consider it. Life insurance is the one thing that will keep your family going when you’re gone; if you don’t leave life insurance then they’ll have lost a huge form of income to you household and will have no way of being able to support themselves financially. When you hit ‘middle aged’ it’s a great time to consider Over 50s Life Insurance because you’re still relatively young and therefore the chances of you being fit and healthy are much greater than if you wait until your 60. Policies are available at great monthly prices too, some are as little as £8 per month, which is less than you’d spend on a couple of bottles of wine a month.

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