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Five Good Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

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Many people lose momentum after making a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking or deciding to stop on National No Smoking Day. The reality is that it doesn’t matter what date you decide to stop smoking. If you really want to give up, you should make today the most important day.

Giving up smoking certainly isn’t easy, but with products such as Nicorette Gum and Niquitin Patches available, you can cut down gradually and control your cravings. Listed below are five good reasons to quit smoking today.

  • Money

 The money you save on buying cigarettes can initially go on nicotine aids such as Niquitin Patches. One you’ve reduced your cravings and been able to go without any cigarettes for a lengthy period of time, you should be able to save the money you’d been spending for other things.

For example, if you currently shell out £100 a month on cigarettes, think about what you could do with an extra £1200 a year. Perhaps you could go on a nice holiday abroad, or buy yourself lots of new clothes?

  • Your health

The damage cigarettes can do to your health is well documented. Smoking can increase your risk of many types of cancer, strokes, heart disease, and many other serious conditions. It’s not just your long-term health you need to worry about though. By reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke, you will begin to feel healthier and be able to do a bit more without getting out of breath.

  • Health of others

 Passive smoking can harm the health of others around you. If you have a young family for example, inhaling smoke can be doing them damage that you’re not able to see. Your children will suffer from fewer coughs and colds if you’re able to stop smoking around them.

  • The smell

 The smell from your clothes can also be unpleasant for others if you’re a smoker. Even if you don’t smoke at home, you’ll still bring the stale smell back in to your house on your clothing. By chewing Nicorette Gum rather than smoking cigarettes, your breath will also smell much fresher.

  • Your appearance

 If you smoke for a number of years, you may start to notice it taking an effect on your appearance. For example, your fingers may become nicotine stained and your face could become wrinkled and make you look older than you really are.

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