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Connected Health » Fitness Gadgets, Research » CES 2012 – BodyMedia debuts ‘intelligent’ adhesive patch bandage

CES 2012 – BodyMedia debuts ‘intelligent’ adhesive patch bandage

Now this looks very smart. BodyMedia, which has already unveiled a new personal health system at CES 2012, is parading a new and highly innovative new way of capturing data about our bodies. It has unveiled an adhesive patch which you place on your skin and leave there for seven days. During that time it records as many as 500 data points each minute including calorie burn, steps taken, activity levels, and sleep pattern.

Designed to provide an alternative to the standard arm bands used on BodyMedia’s other system, and several of its rivals too, it is apparently comfortable to wear, doesn’t cause any irritation of your skin and looks like bandage. It will be available later in the year and work with the company’s fitness tracking software. There’s no details yet on price and country availability.

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