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Scanadu Scout is a real life sci-fi medical scanning device


By the end of 2013, a new device will be launched that’ll work just like the gadgets from sci-fi movies, allowing you to conduct a quick scan of your body by holding it to your temple, which sounds both scary and magical at the same time.

The Scanadu Scout is a handheld scanning device that pairs up to your mobile phone and fits in the palm of your hand, like the same size as a make up compact. You simply hold it to your head and it’ll then be able to read all of your vital signs in a few minutes, like your blood pressure, heart rate, heart activity, electrical heart activity, temperature, blood oxygenation and much more. The gadget is then able to transmit all of your medical data directly to a smartphone application, which can track changes over time and ensure nothing’s wrong with you.

It’ll cost around $150 and be available in 2013.

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[Via Wired]

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