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Doctors use iPads to create calm and colourful hospital environment


We all know that going into hospital for any kind of test can be really unnerving, especially for little children, and now GE Healthcare in the US has developed a way to make patients a little more calm when they attend the hospital for an MRI scan, with the help of a trusty iPad.

Together with PDC, the large healthcare company has created a customisable environment, which it calls a caring MR suite. The new immersive suite is designed to make patients feel calm and comfortable through the help of personalised sights, sounds and touch experiences. Each patient is given an iPad as they step into the room, which provides them with an intuitive way of controlling everything around them.

According to Medgadget, patients can pick from 16 different themes with images, music and lighting, which includes scenes of nature, calming music and lots and lots of lovely lights!

In a video explaining the programme, a GE Healthcare representative explained that the company is hoping to “humanise” the experience, making people feel more calm and cared for when they have an MR scan, we just hope it extends to even more hospital environments in future.

The programme is only in the early stages right now, but making hospitals feel less cold and clinical with the help of technology and the easy-to-use iPad could really change many peoples’ experiences for the better.

[Via Medgadget]

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  1. Thank you for the great post, Connected Health. Please let us know if you have any questions. – Jessica and PDC.

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