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‘Diet goggles’ being made to trick the greedy

We all know what ‘beer goggles’ are about don’t we? Things tend to look a bit better once you’ve drunk a few units…

Well, knowing this, a team of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo have decided to take this literally and work on bringing to market ‘diet goggles’. Yes, you read that right.

The idea is that If you put on a pair of ‘diet goggles’, your food looks a lot bigger than it actually is in real life, tricking the person wearing them into thinking they can’t manage to eat food that’s so massive.

In other words, what you eat is not the same as what you see. It goes back to a standard dieting rule of thumb – portion control. A camera on the goggles feeds images of what a person is seeing to a computer, where researchers can supersize or shrink the item.

During experiments, participants were asked to eat Oreos until their stomachs were full. The scientists found that when the goggles made the biscuit look twice as big, the users ate a tenth less. They also tried it the other way, making food look about a third smaller with the goggles – and people ate more.

Yet another gadget being made in a bid to help us lighten the load. This is one of the craziest we’ve heard of for sure!

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