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Valkee light promises to brighten your winter

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is a bit unusual but has the potential to be a really cool gift, it is worth checking out this new product on the market called The Valkee Light.

Valkee works by substituting the mood-elevating effects you would usually get from the sun by emitting bright lights directly to specific regions of your brain through your ear.

It is 100% safe, has a CE Class II (a) medical device certification and is clinically tested. According to the Valkee website, ‘9 out of 10 experienced total symptoms relief from severe tiredness and anxiety in ‘winter blues’ and improved cognitive performance. And best of all, you apparently just need to use it 8 minutes a day to get the needed amount of light daily.

So not only can it pick you up during the dreary winter months, but it could also possibly prevent you from getting down – or worse SAD.

We have not had the chance to test it out ourselves yet, but it could be a perfect present for anyone who does not like the long, dark winter months.

Available from Valkee for £185.

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