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Sprout Pregnancy baby health app is the perfect companion for mums to be

sprout-pregnancy-appSprout (or Sprout Pregnancy as it’s called in the UK) has been on the market since late last year and it’s been named the best pregnancy app by a number of different websites and publications over the past few months.

The application is basically a pregnancy tool for mums (and dads) to be, which provides them with a range of useful resources, as well as a way to track of their baby’s movements and progress as it grows. Awh!


When you first download the app you fill in information about your pregnancy and your due date, so throughout the time you’re expecting you’ll be able to view a range of colour images and 3D models of how your baby will be developing.

There are also all kinds of other resources about different stages of the pregnancy, answers to common problems written by professionals and access to online services that may be able to give you more in-depth information too.

Tracking Tools 

There are a number of tracking tools available as part of Sprout, including a weight tracker, a kick counter (you can announce these on your social networks if you want too) and a contraction timer. We’re not sure you’ll think about getting your phone out if you’re experiencing particularly painful contractions, but it’s good to know it’s there!

As you entered your details from the start, the app will also tell you of any specific milestones you should be expecting along the way, so nothing comes as too much of a surprise. You can programme in doctors and hospital visits too, take notes for each one and create a record of every appointment you’ve had in case you need to look back on something later.

If you’re not a mum yourself it can be annoying to see 3,598,345 updates about pregnancy in your Facebook news feed, but for expectant mothers it’s a great place to be part of a lovely community all sharing the same experiences, so as you’d expect you can send lots of information through to Facebook from within the app for close friends to browse through.

Who’s Sprout Pregnancy for?

We imagine many of those expecting will take classes and read other resources too in preparation for the big day, but the app is great for those who are used to consulting their phones all of the time and would like peace of mind knowing they have such a valuable tool in their pocket whenever they may need it.

It’s important to remember the app isn’t just for mums too, there’s a lovely comment on the app’s iTunes page from a man in the army who says he uses it to keep track of what’s happening with his wife and baby back home. Very sweet!

At the moment we all have a big problem in that many health apps on the market haven’t been pre-approved and could well contain information anyone could sit and write, regardless of their experience or background. However, Sprout Pregnancy provides users with advice and guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist (RCOG) and doctors from the Birmingham Women’s Hospital, so you know you’re in safe hands!

Available from iTunes for £2.49.

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