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APP REVIEW: Nike Training Club fitness app for simple workouts


If you’re a big fan of the Nike+ GPS app and its simple interface (it’s one of our all time favourites) then you need to try the Nike Training Club app too, which acts as your own personal trainer, giving you simple, easy-to-follow workouts, as well as providing you with a way to keep track of your progress and reach your fitness goals.

Getting Started

The app has a simple design and very intuitive user interface, which allows you to choose between your ‘home screen’, ‘workouts’, ‘progress’ and ‘rewards’ pages.

You then start by pressing ‘get workout’ and choose what it is you’re wanting to achieve. There are all kinds of options for you to pick, like ‘get lean’, ‘get toned’ and ‘get strong’. You then select the fitness level you’re at (always start at beginner if in doubt) and you’re given a range of different exercises to choose from. We’d suggest having a good browse through to check you’re familiar with everything and then GET MOVING!


Once you tap on an exercise you’re given a detailed tutorial about how to do it properly and can even refer to a short video for guidance too if you’re still a little unsure. If you’ve had a good look through everything then you can start and press ‘do workout’. A voice will then talk you through everything you need to do and time you along the way. It’s easy to pause and end the workout whenever you want and put on a really motivational playlist too.

The workouts themselves are really easy to follow, especially if you don’t push yourself too hard at first and choose the beginner options for a few days. Unless you’re really trying to tone up or get strong we’d advise you switch between the different workouts each day for variation so you don’t get bored, as there are more than 80 custom built workouts to choose from.

The very friendly Nike lady tells you when to start another exercise, and you can revisit the tutorial video while you’re in workout mode too if you forget what you’re meant to be doing.

The only problem with Nike Training Club is that, unlike Nike+ GPS, you can cheat. You can sit there listening to the jolly American woman instruct you around while eating cookies on the couch. So this one is for those who have plenty of motivation already, but need a new challenge and probably not couch potatoes.

Goals and Rewards

Every time you complete 60 minutes of training you get a special reward, like workouts with famous personal trainers, athletes and celebrities (although the latter doesn’t sound quite so appealing), as well as other cool stuff too, like recipes and fitness tips.


You can set up Autoshare, so details of every workout you complete get sent straight to Facebook and Twitter. To some people this may seem a little daunting, but it will push you to work harder and may connect you with friends that are using the app too.

Who’s Nike Training Club For?

The app is great for those who already enjoy working out but need some extra motivation and a few more ideas to keep them interested in exercising on a regular basis.

We’re not saying you should ditch Nike+ GPS or Runkeeper, but if you’re looking to target specific areas of your body and really tone up, it might be worth using Nike Training Club just a few times a week to really enhance your weekly workouts.

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