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APP REVIEW: iMuscle is the ultimate workout guide

imuscle-screenshotThe iMuscle app from holds the title of Apple’s “best iPad app” in the medical category from last year, which is why we decided to take a closer look and find out if it’s really worthy of that accolade…

iMuscle is basically a very sophisticated mobile app, which allows you to identify any body part or individual muscle and then zoom in on it using a 3D human body to see the muscle exposed. You can then find out all kinds of information about the muscle and rotate it to get a better understanding of how it works. As the app is primarily a work-out aid, you can then go on to find out the best way to develop the muscle too, depending on your individual requirements and what you’re looking to achieve.

To say the app’s so sophisticated, the user interface is really simple and intuitive, especially when it comes to building custom workouts. If you see exercises that you like you can easily add them and remove them to any workout and get hints and tips along the way about which would go well together.

However, iMuscle isn’t just an app to cheesily tell you to do lots of sit-ups, it’s more about understanding your body and why certain exercises will yield certain results. In this way it’s not just for those who want to get physically fit, but it’s a great idea for those learning to rehabilitate or build muscle in certain areas after an accident or surgery.

iMuscle can be used by individuals, but it has a multi-user capability and you can share work outs to different devices, meaning it’s ideal for fitness instructors to keep an eye on what you’re up to. The fact that everything about the app is medically correct makes it useful for those working as medical professionals or physiotherapists too.

iMuscle gets a big thumbs up from the Connected Health team for being medically correct, teaching us lots about muscles and how they work and being easy-to-use at the same time.

Available from iTunes for £2.99.

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