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APP REVIEW: VueMe allows patients to view medical images from their mobiles

vueme-appGone are the days of doctors and other medical professionals keeping patients in the dark about their health, now people want to know everything about their bodies, the treatment they’re being recommended and the possible side affects further down the line. Technology gives all kinds of patients even more freedom when it comes to understanding problems with their health, which is where apps like VueMe come in handy.

Launched last June, VueMe is basically a way for patients to view their radiology images from their mobile phones. The app itself has an intuitive interface and real-time multi-modality fusion and blending, allowing you to really see what’s going on in the image as your doctor explains everything to you. The app is focused on keeping your images secure through a kind of encrypted data transfer using MIMcloud, a specialist cloud service for patients and professionals to transfer medical images, created by the same developers behind VueMe. The team are keen to stress that the app is for non-diagnostic viewing of images only, as claiming otherwise could land them in hot water with Apple and the FDA over in the states.

The app not only gives regular people the freedom to look at their own images if they need to, but it reduces waiting times when scans or tests were carried out at different hospitals and patients have seen a range of specialists. Some patients are currently asked to carry these important images around on CDs, or they’re couriered to the right places, but having everything stored in one app takes away all that stress and time wasting.

VueMe is available from iTunes for free and works on both the iPad and iPhone.

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