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CES 2012: Zensorium’s Tinke – the smartest iPhone heart rate monitor so far?

Wired has just broken the story on the Tinke from Singapore based company Zensorium. There are lots of devices for measuring your blood pressure on your iPhone, but the Tinke might just be the smartest so far. It is a two unit system with dongle that fits on to your iPhone that then connects to a wearable heart monitor – which incidentally comes in an array of bright colours.

It measures heart stats like blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen levels through shining infrared and red light beams onto the tiny blood vessels in the tip of your finger. A photo detector captures information as waves, which are then analyzed and used to determine various health stats. It comes with an app that decodes the information for you and presents it as graph.

There’s no details yet on launch, but hopefully we should see the app and device arrive sometime during 2012.

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