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Can an app REALLY encourage kids to eat healthy food?

girl-appleMost parents – or even those with small relatives – will know that sometimes getting kids to choose healthy foods over cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks can be a real nightmare. Some are obviously willing to give those sprouts a taste, but most are tempted by the bright colours and sugary highs of things that are much worse for their health.

Over in the US, the End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge has invited a number of individuals, companies and developers to devise ways to encourage kids to eat well and Dennis Ai used the opportunity to create JiveHealth, a smartphone game aimed solely at kids.

It was the only entry with a tech focus and it’s basically a game, which encourages kids to search for the healthiest food options in order to progress to the next level. Obviously the idea is then that these key messages will stick with them when they come to make choices about what they eat throughout the day. It makes sense and the gaming element means kids are much more likely to stay interested, but we’re really not sure whether the lessons you learn within such a basic game REALLY have that much impact on your behaviour…

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