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Notch: Visualise all of your personal health data from Fitbit, BodyMedia and Runkeeper


Now we’re into 2013 it’s a great time to start paying more attention to the food you eat and the amount you exercise – or the amount you don’t exercise, as the case may be – but one of the biggest issues many people face when they start trying to make changes to their routine is that it’s so hard to keep it up and stay motivated.

Fortunately we know there are all kinds of tools, services, apps and gadgets to keep you on track, but the key is providing users with a really simple way to see what they’ve been doing so they can improve and make progress in the future. Online service Notch has been built to do just that, give you a better idea of what’s going on when it comes to your health and fitness in a way that’s really easy to consume, understand and share.

You simply hook up your current gadgets and apps to Notch – from the likes of Fitbit, BodyMedia, RunKeeper and probably more in the future – and then it does the rest, creating great visualisations of your data, which are great for those who like to see results quickly. As you’d expect, you can then share these cool infographics on social networks too.

Of course there’s nothing particularly wrong with the way Fitbit, BodyMedia and RunKeeper display data already, but Notch brings everything together and makes it look even brighter, simpler and slicker. There’s a danger that you’ll spend so much time trying to “prettify” your data that you don’t actually do anything or make big changes, but it may be what some people need for that extra push to get fitter or lose a few pounds.

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