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Runtastic launches four new fitness apps


Sport and fitness app and online service Runtastic has launched four new apps into its get fit and stay fit ecosystem this week as part of its new “Pump It” collection of fitness tools, in order to really challenge users and get them setting (and breaking) all kinds of physical challenges.

The apps aren’t your run-of-the-mill fitness and health tracking offerings, but instead they provide users with a reliable way of sticking to goals and challenges, like smashing 100 push-ups or 150 squats. The challenges are designed to do just that, challenge you, so don’t worry if the thought of even doing 3 push-ups fills you with dread, because there are lots of easy-to-follow training plans that are designed to help you hit those goals one agonising and hard repetition at a time.

The app can detect even the smallest of movements too with your phone’s accelerometer, so you don’t need to even keep count yourself, but can leave it all up to your mobile.

You can set records, track your progress and receive badges when you hit those targets too. Everything can then be fed back into the main Runtastic dashboard, where you can monitor everything you’ve been up to and keep an eye on your overall fitness levels.

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on fitness tracking apps and devices here on Connected Health you’ll know that we have some favourites but prefer to pick and choose what we monitor about our fitness levels, so Runtastic’s new offerings will suit us perfectly. We’ll let you know how we get on with them all over the next few weeks, don’t test us on how many push-ups we can do though…

You can download all of the apps from both Google Play and iTunes, for more details check out the Runtastic website.

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