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MyFitnessPal’s 30 million users can now sync up with other apps and devices

my-fitness-pal-screenshotPopular health and fitness tracking service MyFitnessPal has launched an API this week, which will allow its 30 million users to sync their data up to other apps and their favourite devices.

For now MyFitnessPal’s API is private so that the company can handpick the partners that’ll be getting involved. The first few to get involved include Fitbit, Endomondo, Runtastic, Withings and Body Media, some of the top names in the health and fitness tech space. So this means no data has to be entered manually from those other apps and devices, everything is synced to MyFitnessPal automatically.

The move could make MyFitnessPal the go-to service for health and fitness data collection, because it could soon work for everyone, regardless of which other apps they’ve already got in place and which other fitness tracking gadgets they own.

We’re big fans of MyFitnessPal here at Connected Health, because although other apps and data collection services allow you to track your workouts just as well, MFP has a huge database of food and meals, making it to go-to offering for those who want to keep an eye on everything they consume as well as the energy that expend when they exercise.

Mike Lee, the Co-Founder of MyFitnessPal, said:

“For the millions of people who have found success improving their nutrition with MyFitnessPal, we are now making it easier than ever to incorporate physical activity.

“We believe that by facilitating an ecosystem of the best-in-class brands and resources working together, we can help our users to more successfully accomplish their health goals.”

Download MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app from iTunes for free or visit

For a full list of the other apps and companies involved, check out

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