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Striiv launches a fitness tracking app, but do we really need another?

striiv-appWe first heard about Striiv at CES earlier in the year, when the fitness tracking specialist team launched its ‘pedometer on steroids’ (our label, not theirs) onto the US tech market. Just like similar offerings from Basis, Nike and Fitbit, Striiv’s advanced pedometer allows users to track the steps they’ve taken throughout the day, but also adds in a fun gaming element with its colour touchscreen, that’s focused on earning points, beating your friends and setting personal challenges.

However, the team are now parking their pedometer gadget for the time being and instead focusing on a new step counting app, but do we really need ANOTHER one?

Striiv’s CEO, David Wang, told Venture Beat that he’s hoping the app will reach a much wider audience than the company’s gadget device and encourage more people to get moving who may want to try new things but wouldn’t have purchased a piece of tech to get them started.

The app (which we assume is just called Striiv, right?) calculates the distance you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burned up in the process. Just like with the gadget, gamification continues to play a key role, as your data is shared with your social networks (if you want it to be) and you can see how you measure up against others and even set yourself personal challenges too.

There are also separate games within the app too, like MyLand, a role playing fantasy game, which allows you to buy things for your physical achievements. It looks kind of fun, but in actual fact reminds us a little too much of Farmville. Ewh. But we’re willing to be proved wrong.

David Wang, CEO of Striiv, said:

“The big difference between us and the others is that we are not just about tracking […] We are about motivation. We are trying to make fitness fun.”

The previous device isn’t completely redundant though, sure the iPhone has advanced tech inside it, which the app taps into, but the pedometer serves up more detailed stats about the floors you’ve climbed. We’re not sure whether that’s really worth forking out for a separate gadget though now the new app is in town.

Sure the Striiv app doesn’t offer up any different data to similar apps out there, but it does present it in an appealing way, which isn’t too intimidating for those who want to make some changes but aren’t sure where to start. In the same vein, the focus on challenges and competitions may suit those who find it hard to stay motivated.

There’s no word about when the app will officially make it to the iTunes store, but we’ll keep you posted.

[Via VentureBeat]

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  1. It’s in the app store now! I’d never heard of Striiv before today, but I have the app, and I love it!

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