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Doctor Mole app scans your skin in real-time


Due to the recent scares about skin cancer, we all know we’re meant to keep a close eye on moles, freckles and other weird and wonderful skin anomalies. However, it can be hard to figure out what we really need to worry about and endless trips to the doctor and check-ups can waste everyone’s time (particularly if you’re a bit of a worrier). So, in response to some of these issues we’ve come across a fair few apps in the past year that are designed to allow regular people to keep track of their skin, understand the tell tale signs of early skin cancer and log photos so changes can be easily tracked. Our favourites so far have been UMSkinCheck and SkinScan, but a new offering called DoctorMole may be the most simple, quick-to-use and comprehensive we’ve downloaded.

The app uses its own real-time tech to scan your moles using your phone’s camera and then get instant “risk feedback”, which feeds back data to you about the Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Risk (ABCDE) of the area you’re worried about.

If it turns out there’s no reason for concern, you can still save the photo and continue to monitor the area and see if any changes occur over the next few months.

Although a fair few apps offer users a similar experience, Doctor Mole is the only one at the moment that provides you with real-time feedback.

Obviously when it comes to serious health matters we’d still recommend you go and see a doctor if you’re really worried, but Doctor Mole is a great place to start and can work to educate people about the dangers of skin cancer.

Doctor Mole is available from iTunes for £2.49.

[Via TechCrunch]

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