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Online community Lifekraze rewards users for active lifestyles

lifekraze-app-screenshotLifekraze is a kind of website, app and online community, which encourages users to keep fit, stay active and eat well.

The basic idea behind the site is that users send short, tweet-like updates answering the question “what have you done?” and can write whatever they like, as well as adding in links, photos or videos.

There are a number of web resources, tools and apps that are very similar to Lifekraze, but it’s a little bit different because each user is given 200 points per day to hand out to other users who they feel have achieved the best results, beaten their goals or have just done something pretty impressive. Once you’ve accumulated a fair few points you can then go ad redeem them (a few brands in the US have jumped on board already, like Men’s Health and Powerade) or just compete with others, which is a great spin on the standard gaming format we’re used to seeing from these kinds of services and encourages people to do better than their peers but also encourage and reward them too.

There’s a dedicated Lifekraze app too, but unfortunately it’s only currently available over in the states from the US iTunes store, but we’ve been talking to the team about when it’ll be making an appearance a bit further afield, so we’ll update you when we know.

Check out: to try it for yourself.

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