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Cyclist must-have: Helmet sticker that calls for help if you fall

Having acquired my first bike this morning, I am now looking forward to discovering London on two wheels. What worries me the most is the London traffic – and the dangers for cyclists.

As I’m hoping not to become part of the bike accident statistics in the capital, I’ll definitely be investing in a helmet and some lights – especially necessary when going into darker months. But what happens if you’re out and about on your own and find yourself knocked unconscious?

Enter the ICEdot sticker. ICEdot (In Case of Emergency) is a nifty helmet sticker that uses motion and impact sensors combined with your smartphone to notice if you fall off your bike. When and if you fall, it uses the ICEdot app to alerts your chosen emergency contact, providing them with GPS coordinates of the fall and how severe it was.

But what if I accidentally drop my helmet you ask? Worry not, like with any gadget in a James Bond like self-destruct scene, the ICEdot comes with a countdown timer. So if you’ve unintentionally bumped your helmet, you will have a few seconds to avert the emergency alert hitting the web highway to your friend’s phone.

The sensor will initially be targeted towards action sports athletes, cyclists, and people taking part in snow sports, skateboarding, motocross, and BMX.

[Via PSFK]

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