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Withings launches new Health Companion app


Over the past year few companies have stood out in the health and wellbeing tech space as much as Withings, the company has brought out scales for adults, blood pressure monitors and scales for the whole family in the past.

Up until now dedicated apps for each device were accessible via your mobile or you could track the data via your desktop. However, this week Withings has launched its new Health Companion app, which aims to provide users with information about their weight, physical activity, heart and sleep data all from one dashboard on your phone.

The free application is like a central hub for all of the data the other Withings gadgets collect together, or just the stats that you add about you and your body manually. All of the information is then displayed in a super simple and accessible way with a visual representation of a user’s health in the form of a butterfly, with four wings that represents different parts of the body, weight is pink, activity is orange, sleep is blue and your heart is green. As you’d expect, the wings grow and shrink based on how you’re doing throughout the day. This cute little visualisation is a great idea and reminds us of the little flower thing on the front of the Fitbit, which is a simple and easy way to see how you’re doing throughout the day without wading through a whole load of boring data.

It’s not just Withings gadgets and tools that can get in on the action with the new app, the Health Companion also gathers data from BodyMedia FIT armbands, the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach and Runkeeper, as well as 60 other partner applications.

Cedric Hutchings, the CEO and co-founder of Withings, said:

“We are really pleased to be launching this new application as it encompasses many of the objectives which we have been working towards as a company. We wanted to offer the world a friendly and effective way to reach a healthier lifestyle. A companion that turns long-term goals into achievable targets, that motivates you to take action for yourself and finally that shows you how healthy you are, without worrying about numbers.”

The Health Companion app is available from iTunes for free now and will soon be launched for Android devices, according to the official release from Withings.


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