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Gluco-Share, a diabetes app with a social twist

A new application to help family and friends monitor a persons diabetes has been released for iPhone users to help remind sufferers to take their medication and motivate them.

Gluco-Share, wants to help sufferers monitor their blood sugar levels and communicate their results in real time to a circle of family and friends. The idea is, that this circle will help motivate and encourage the sufferer to maintain their good methods and lead a more positive life.

The application has a simple, yet effective layout. There are three main functions: Check, Share and Reward. The check function quite simply checks the users BSL. Share allows the user to share their results to their circle and Reward lets the circle, reward the sufferer with medals and titles. Simple.

Gluco-Share also allows Facebook integration so users can publish their reward medals and results to the social networking site. A nice feature to have. The application also links to the company Facebook page, website and Youtube channel. The developer Vmersion Health is hoping to create a big network of commentaries, blogs and real life stories so that people can connect with each other via the application.

This application is great for parents of diabetes sufferers who want to keep track of their child’s progress when they aren’t with them, like when they are at school for example.

There are a number of diabetes apps available with some much better ones out there. But the social features are very interesting and if they can get the users on board, this could be a very useful application.

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