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Top 5 running apps for the iPhone: Nike, Zombies, Garmin

The Olympics are on TV, making everyone feel energetic and totally into sport and it’s not raining (much) outside, so there’s never been a better time to get off your settee, move away from your computer, put some trainers on and get running, outside, where the human beings are.

Of course we can’t give you a tech solution that motivates you or hits that cookie out of your hand (maybe one day), but we can give you a list of cool apps for your iPhone that’ll track your runs, show you how to improve and share your stats with your social networks.

1. Nike+ Running

We can’t express our love for Nike+ Running (formerly Nike+ GPS) enough right now as its recent new updates mean it’s easier to get going, tracks our runs more accurately and allows us to share everything with our friends quickly too.

When it comes to running apps Nike+ Running has everything you need, the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer accurately record your distance, pace, and time and the in-run audio feedback lets you keep track of the metrics at every mile or view your data in a number of ways at the end of your workout. There’s added maps functionality, medals, rewards, congratulatory praise from celebrities and for the dedicated runners everything can be synced up to Nike+ online so you can show off and take part in challenges.

For the nerds who like their apps to look pretty and shiny, Nike+ Running has also had a redesign, complete with chunky typography, super simple layout and a top UI.

Available from iTunes for free.

2. Zombies, Run!


If the thought of tracking your miles and getting little updates every time you pass a certain distance bores you to your very core, then give Zombies, Run! a try.

You know when you’re watching a horror flick and you start shouting at the screen, jumping around and getting a crazy rush of adrenaline? Well that’s what Zombies, Run! aims to recreate by making you think you’re being chased by… You guessed it, a whole bunch of zombies that are going to hunt you, kill you, eat your limbs and whatever other gross things zombies tend to do.

However, you’re not just running like a mad person away from the zombies, the app is much more like a game, you have things to collect, challenges to complete and people to save too.

At £5.49 it’s pretty darn pricey for an app, but totally worth it if you’re a bit of an adrenalin junkie and need a terrifying hit when you workout.

Available from iTunes for £5.49.

3. Garmin Fit

garmin-appThe Garmin Fit app provides you with everything you need to get running and track your activity, like your time, distance, speed and elevation.

The real value of the Garmin Fit app and its wider ecosystem of products comes from having the Garmin ANT adapter for your iPhone, which will collect data from other gadgets, like heart rate monitors, and give you an even more accurate idea of how your body’s performing. That’s great news if you’re really dedicated to the whole fitness tracking trend, but if you’re strapped for cash then stick with Nike+ Running.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

4. RunKeeper

runkeeper-iconDespite its name, RunKeeper doesn’t just specialise in running, you can track walks, bike rides, ski runs and any other kind of activity as long as your GPS is working well. You can track your workouts, see detailed overviews of how you’re doing and hear built-in audio cues.

Your activity can also be made into a fitness plan to make sure you’re on the right track and the app can be integrated with other apps and devices, like Fitbit, Withings and Zeo.

Available from iTunes for free.

5. MapMyRun

So MapMyRun doesn’t really do anything special that we haven’t already covered with RunKeeper or Nike+ Running, but it’s all down to user experience, so it’s worth trying to see if you prefer it for a few workouts anyway.

MapMyRun is part of the MapMyFitness set of apps, so as you’d expect it’s particularly focused on maps, so if you get bored running the same route again and again and again, then take a look at all of the others that people have discovered in your area to mix things up a little.

Available from iTunes for free.

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