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UMSkinCheck app gives you a skin cancer self exam


A number of apps have been developed over the past year to provide users with ways of tracking and identifying skin problems that could be problematic and even cancerous in the future, take a look at Skin Scan. However, the University of Michigan has recently developed a new application for US users (sorry rest of the world) that claims to be able to spot the tell tale signs of skin cancer and provide people with a comprehensive skin exam, providing you take 35,634,857 photos of your naked body that is.

UMSkinCheck is a free app, which takes a photographic survey of your skin, sets reminders for you to check problem areas and provides you with examples of things to look out for. Now admittedly this kind of application is a much easier way to check your skin than going to the doctor as soon as you get worried, but it still requires you to take 23 different photos of your naked body. Don’t worry, it has its own password built-in, thank goodness.

You’ll need someone to help you line up your body parts with the correct outlines that appear on the screen, but this is what makes UMSkinCheck so accurate, taking random photos every so often won’t give you accurate images to track those all important changes that might occur.

The app has been designed to help users identify the early warning signs of skin cancer, but as there’s a huge influx in patients that go to their doctor every time they see a mole, UMSkinCheck is also a good way of giving people peace of mind and stopping medical professionals wasting their time in the long run.

Although it takes some time to snap all of the photos you need to get up and running, UMSkinCheck is a really accurate way of tracking your skin over time, we just hope this kind of comprehensive app becomes a little more widely available over the summer.

US readers can download the app from iTunes for free.

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