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Barefoot Running Coach for the iPad may prevent workout injuries


Some believe that the big, super cushioned shoes that we’ve become so used to running in aren’t actually that great for our feet. Instead they think we should wear really slim-fitting shoes when we run or even go completely barefoot, although most of the time that’s not really possible, hello glass and spiky concrete.

There are many different running products designed to make it feel like you’ve got nothing but your own feet beneath you, and now a new app called Barefoot Running Coach aims to teach you how to run without injuring yourself and will maybe even get you running with no shoes on at all, it’s just a shame it won’t transport you to an exotic beach to try it out.

You start by recording yourself running and then use the app to identify at what point in the video your foot strikes the floor. You can then compare your style of running to jogging, unskilled and barefoot running forms and read up on four key features posture, rhythm, relaxation and foot strike, which are all described in depth and are accompanied by great tutorial videos.

VIVOBAREFOOT teamed up with biomechanics expert Lee Saxby in order to focus on how your heel strikes the floor when you run. According to research, striking your heel on the ground in the wrong way is one of the main reasons runners end up injuring themselves, so it’s important to really get a grasp of how you run and whether your habits now could cause any more serious problems.

The app has been created by VIVOBAREFOOT, a company that produces really minimal shoes in order to mimic the feeling of running barefoot. The range is worth taking a look at and there’s obviously mention of the brand’s shoes within the app, but it’s useful to runners regardless of which shoes they’re running in too, so give it a whirl if you take running seriously and want to make sure none of your bad habits now will lead to any injuries further down the line.

The Barefoot Running Coach HD is available from iTunes for £1.99.

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