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Fitness tracking service Endomondo has 10 million users and counting


Fitness tracking isn’t just about downloading an app to your phone and taking it with you on a run anymore, many of the popular options, like Fitocracy, Nike+, HealthyShare and RunKeeper are now integrating themselves firmly into our Facebook lives and are actively encouraging wider networks of friends to challenge each other and get working out too.

Endomondo is just one of these services, which has a popular app (available for iOS, Windows, Android AND Blackberry) and a range of fitness-focused Facebook services designed to get you participating in a wider health conscious community.

We love Endomondo’s simple philosophy, “track your workouts, challenge your friends, analyse your training” and find that despite it being a no nonsense option it’s got everything you’d expect, like top notch workout tracking, cheers from your friend, challenges and games between yourself and your past records and other users too.

The service has made headlines this week, as the official Endomondo blog has today revealed that it’s attracted a whopping 10 million registered users, which is an even more impressive number when you find out that around three million of those have signed up since the start of the year!

One of Endomondo’s Co-Founders Mette Lykke tells Techcrunch that he believes Endomondo’s social integration is really important:

“Most of our users find it motivating to connect with friends, family and co-workers around fitness […] The fact that our service becomes more motivating with the more friends you’ve got is a key driver for Endomondo’s growth rate.”

Although Endomondo isn’t new or particularly different to other offerings out there, it’s quickly gaining momentum and if you haven’t clicked with a tracking app just yet that you can use across platforms then this one might be for you.

[Via Techcrunch]

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