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Nike+ app gets updates and a name change to Nike+ Running


One of our favourite running applications, Nike+ GPS, has had a big, exciting revamp this week, which includes a name change to Nike+ Running, more insights about your workouts and further Facebook integration.

There are so many apps available to keep track of your runs and workouts, like MapMyRun and RunKeeper, but if you’re looking for a super simple and easy-to-use solution, which allows you to track your activity, monitor your improvements and share your achievements online, we’d argue that you really can’t find a better app than Nike+ GPS, oh sorry, we mean Nike+ Running.

Over the past year the app has become a huge hit, so it’s no surprise that Nike has made a whole raft of changes to its name, functionality and looks, which places it at the heart of the Nike fitness ecosystem. Here are just a few of the features that have made us really excited to get out and run, run, run:

Tweaks to the way you navigate around the app place extra settings in a left hand sidebar and present your running total, previous runs and a “Run” button on the main homepage, which is all you really need most of the time. Once you click “Run” it’s even easier to get moving, you can set yourself distance goals, amend your location or add cheers, but really Nike knows you just want to hit “Begin Run” and get on with it, so it’s as easy as possible to get started.

You’ve always been able to scroll through your past workouts, but a lovely new maps feature, heat map style details about your route and even more details about your runs makes it much easier to look through your past seven runs, compare them with one another and most importantly push yourself to beat those times and paces.

It’s no surprise Nike has added NikeFuel metrics into the application, which means you can compete with others and track your progress across the whole Nike community.

You’ve always been able to share your runs with your social networks, but now it’s easier to pick and choose and you can add in maps information, pace and times too to show off that little bit more.

On a more aesthetic level, we love the look of the revamped application, the controls are much clearer, there’s no nonsense and the big chunky fonts really mean business.

And last but certainly not least, Nike has teamed up with Facebook to give users that like to run a really special Timeline app experience, complete with maps, route plans in your area, more sharing amongst friends and even the ability to tag one another on runs and workouts too.

There are a range of other enhanced features and changes too, like new swiping functionality, a clearer run summary, shoe tagging, Goals and Next Moves.

If you’ve not tried out the app before you’re in luck, not only can you get your hands on it with all of the updates, but it’s free for both Android and iOS devices too.

Available from Google Play and iTunes for free.

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  1. sherrykay says:

    Where is the mention of what this did to so many users? Total fails, loss of data, non syncing, total drag, folks. and no useful customer service. and they did it again today.

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