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runner-me-appWe’ve reviewed a range of apps and gadgets that have been created to help joggers monitor, track and improve upon their workouts. But now a team of developers are working on an app for your mobile that aims to analyse different running styles and prevent any injuries at the same time.

The app, called, works along with a special sensor that can be embedded into any running shoe. Once it’s in place the sensor and app work together to keep track of how the wearer’s foot moves, like which part strikes the ground first and the length of each stride. The app will then provide the wearer with real-time feedback if they need to change anything about the way they run.

The app was created because apparently more than 80% of runners injure themselves at some point over a 12 month period and it’s often because they’re striking their heel or rolling their ankle in the wrong way.

The app and its accompanying sensor certainly seem like a great idea for beginners, but we’d argue that if you want to take running seriously then you can’t go wrong with a professional GAIT analysis and some decent running shoes.

The app is currently still in development, but we’ll let you know when we hear more about its progress and (hopefully) availability.

[Via Pocket Lint]

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