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Charity Miles app helps you get fit and raise money


There are all kinds of apps designed to get you moving, keep you fit and hit your exercise targets and there are all kinds of online tools to help you raise money for the charity of your choice, but now Charity Miles brings both together in a slick new app for your mobile.

All you need to do to get started is choose the charity of your choice from within the application, there are charities like Achilles International, Autism Speaks and The Global Fund. You then start walking, running or cycling and the app tracks your distance, the more miles you clock up, the more money you raise for the charity of your choice. To earn the cash you must share your activity with your Facebook friends, which some people may find irritating, but it makes sense that the app will want to promote the fact you’re using it and raising money with your networks.

Right now the app is still in the early stages and it really depends on getting as many people signing up and working out as possible to ensure it secures further sponsorship from big corporations. According to Mashable, the app is funding itself at the moment under the assumption that others will start to chip in soon. Finger’s crossed it’ll work that way in practice.

Gurfkoff, the guy behind the app, told Mashable:

“I think the people who are in charge of advertising like to spend their budgets on things that do social good.

“It’s a tool where charities can all come together and the sponsors can sponsor individuals directly with the money going to charities.”

The idea behind the application is really interesting and we love that it combines fitness with raising money for a good cause, but we also love the way the app itself is built. It has a really intuitive interface, simple navigation and can track your time, impact and mileage as you go.

The app is available for free for iOS devices from iTunes and Android devices from Google Play. Although many of the charities already on there are US-based, it still works in the UK too, let’s just hope we see more British charities getting involved in the coming months too in order to entice more users on this side of the pond who have a specific charity that’s close to their heart.

[Via Mashable]

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