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Kinomap Trainer app lets you cycle the Tour de France from the gym


Nothing can beat a good run along the beach or a cycle through the park, but because it’s not always possible to get outside and workout, we think we’ve found the second best option. The Kinomap Trainer is a new application from ExcelLane, which allows users to exercise from home or the gym while watching videos taken from all kinds of geo-located places across the globe. 

The Kinomap Trainer is a new application for the iPhone and iPad, which allows fitness fanatics to workout from the comfort of their own home or at the gym while watching a geo-located video from a range of cool locations around the world. Well, it certainly beats jogging past the weirdos on your street, right?

To get started you’ll need to download the Kinomap Trainer application from iTunes and invest in some other equipment too, including a receiver and sensor (find more information about them here). Once you’ve got everything you’ll need (trust us, it’s worth it) you can start working out ANYWHERE you like. You can access a tonne of free video content using Kinomap, from cycling the Tour de France, to rowing down the Seine.

The great thing about the Kinomap Trainer is you don’t just watch a video of a BMX route or track on a field, but you take part in the activity too, so the faster you run or cycle or row, the faster you’ll move on the course that appears below your video, just like in the screenshot above.

The Kinmap Trainer works on the theory that we work harder and find exercise more enjoyable if we’ve got more interesting surroundings to look at and others to compete with. Whether that’s the case with everyone or not doesn’t really matter when it’s just so much more enjoyable!

If you only casually work out then the Kinompa Trainer app might not be for you, but if you’re regularly cycling away at the gym or pounding away on your treadmill at home it might be worth investing in the app and all the equipment you need to get up and running (sorry).

Available from the app store for free.


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