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The Tawkon app keeps track of your radiation exposure

tawkon-imageWe’re not entirely sure whether your phone gives off damaging radiation or not, but if it worries you that your little mobile friend could well be frying your brain as you call, text and browse the internet every second of every day, then Tawkon could be your new favourite app.

Tawkon is a bright and colourful new application for Android devices that aims to track how much exposure you’ve had to the radiation that your phone emits.

According to Tawkon’s website, the app manages to tap into the part of your mobile that manufacturers keep hidden, the part that stores information about your phone’s radiation output and signal strength. Tawkon then uses this information to try and work out the phone’s radiation level and the SAR, which stands for Specific Absorption Rate and refers to the amount of radiation that you could potentially be soaking in at any given time. If the SAR gets too high the app will alert you and provide you with tips about how to stay safe, all from its jovial and easy-to-use interface. Who knew the scary prospect of radiation could be so fun?!

Now we’d take this app with a pinch of salt given there’s been no conclusive evidence mobile phone radiation is truly harmful in the long run, but if it’s something you’re a little worried about, then it may give you peace of mind to know you’re monitoring how much scary radiation your brain is being exposed to right now.

Available from Google Play for free.

[Via Medgadget]

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