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The JEFIT app: For serious fitness fanatics and body builders


The JEFIT app has been designed specially with serious body builders in mind, it’s full of ways to track your workouts, create routines and access a comprehensive exercise database. 

There are lots of apps on the iTunes store at the moment that (attempt to) get beginners motivated, but the JEFIT app (and dedicated online community) is perfect for those who are already into fitness, care about their health and need a more advanced companion to keep on top of their workouts.

JEFIT allows you to keep a really detailed track of all your workouts with its smart logging system, so create a routine and then just input weights or reps and when you’ve completed them. If you’re wanting more detailed guidance, there’s a huge database of exercises based on muscle groups, as well as a range of different workouts that you can tailor after you’ve given them a whirl. There’s a place for logs, so you can see when you completed certain workouts and there’s also a body stats section too, allowing you to keep track of your progress and see how it’s affecting your measurements and weight. By synching the app up to the online portal, you can track your progress and share information with other members too.

JEFIT is really comprehensive and very detailed, so if you find it hard to get out and exercise to start with, then this option may be a bit too much for you. However, if you enjoy exercising and want to track what you do and see improvements fast, then try JEFIT.

Available from iTunes for free.


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