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The Beam Brush is the world’s first smart toothbrush

beam-brushWe’ve heard of fitness devices monitoring your movements and reporting everything back to an iPhone app, but a toothbrush? Really?

Dubbed “the world’s first smart toothbrush”, the Beam Brush from the team at Beam Technologies is a manual brush, but it feeds all kinds of information about your oral hygiene back to a dedicated smartphone app.

You simply brush your teeth as normal and then all kinds of information will be wirelessly uploaded to the app. From there you can see when and how long you brush your teeth, set a timer to make sure you hit those two minutes every time and make yourself goals that you have to hit.

There’s also a tonne of advice from dental health professionals about how you can look after your teeth better in the future and we like the fact that you can pair multiple brushes up to one smartphone so all of the family can join in.

The app itself is easy-to-use, with a simple interface and language that doesn’t require you to have a degree in dentistry!

For most people the Beam Brush may be a little too basic because most of the information you get is about timing and frequency, not the actual state of your teeth (that would require a MUCH more advanced piece of tech). However, it’s a great idea for those that feel they don’t spend enough time thinking about their dental hygiene, or children who have only just taken control of brushing their own teeth. The wireless syncing means there’s very little effort required from the users and the gamification element makes it fun for people of all ages.

The Beam Brush is set to launch in the next few months, so we’ll keep you posted about how much it’ll be and where you can pick one up.

By Becca

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