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MotionX Sleep app: Track your sleep and activity from your mobile


A new application, called MotionX-Sleep, promises to track your sleep and keep an eye on your daily activity too, all from your iPhone or iPod touch. The app stands apart from the rest because it uses a special kind of technology developed by MotionX and a range of sensors in your device to analyse exactly how you’re sleeping and wakes you up in the best possible state, which we’re hoping is refreshed and happy!

We all sleep in cycles and as one ends that’s the best possible time for you to wake up. If you set your alarm for in the middle of a cycle then chances are you’ll feel much more groggy when you try and drag yourself out of bed. MotionX-Sleep aims to find out more about your cycles, so it can accurately predict when it’s best to get you out of bed and into the big wide world.

As we all expect from our health, fitness and lifestyle apps nowadays, MotionX-Sleep helps you to visualise exactly how you’re sleeping by turning your data into easy-to-understand graphs and stats. So you can see how long it takes you to fall asleep on a night, when you have deep sleep and when you have light sleep and the general quality of your sleep throughout the night.

MotionX-sleep is weirdly not just about sleep either, it tracks your general activity throughout the day and notifies you if you’ve been still (read lazy) for a little too long and urges you to get up and move about a bit more. It isn’t as advanced as some apps that are solely dedicated to tracking your activity, but it does keep an eye on your activity levels, steps, distance and calories wherever your iPhone is.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

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