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Withings Smart Baby Monitor and app combo feeds data to your mobile

withings-baby-monitorInnovative French health monitoring company Withings has recently launched a handy new baby monitor and app combo to provide parents with information about how their baby’s doing wherever they are straight to their mobile phones.

The monitoring device has been designed to give parents on-the-go information about their child and then allows them to interact with them remotely too. If parents want to, they can speak through their phone to the monitor, or they can turn lullabies on and off and switch a nightlight on as well, which seems a little bit strange but would be incredibly useful for busy mums and dads!

The device can cleverly detect all kinds of things, like sound, movement, temperature and humidity levels too, so parents can be alerted if anything doesn’t seem quite right and can check on their baby’s environment whenever they want to.

When it comes to tech specs, the monitor has a high-resolution 3MP camera, extra wide lens and night vision with infrared LEDs too. It also has a 4X optical zoom feature, which allows parents to zoom in on every detail of their baby’s room and move around with ease.

It may seem a bit superficial, but the monitor looks pretty good too and has been specially designed to look good and blend into any room.

The Smart Baby Monitor and WithBaby application can work with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

Buy the Smart Baby Monitor from Firebox for £269.99Download the WithBaby application from iTunes for free.

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