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Gorilla Workout app for no nonsense routines on your mobile

gorilla-workout-screenshotIf you want to get fit, lose weight or tone up there are countless different workouts you can try to kick your body into gear, yoga, aerobics, zumba, team sports, running, endlessly hammering the gym, give them all a try and see which works for you. However, a lot of the fittest people we know have surprisingly simple workout routines that involve a lot of strength training and repetition all using their own body weight and not replying on any fancy equipment or crazy theories.

So, we were happy to find a no nonsense workout app designed to provide users with simple, doable exercises, which don’t rely on complicated equipment but just your own body instead.

Gorilla Workout consists of a range of quick, simple exercises that you need to complete against the clock while maintaining a good technique. All the exercises are ones most of you will be familiar with, like sit-ups, press-ups, squats and lunges, designed to get your whole body sweating, tone you up, build your stamina and help you lose body fat in the process.

However, to make sure you’re not crazily throwing your body into different exercises, there’s a detailed written description and video demo to go alongside them, and the videos are accessible wherever you are too, even when you’re not online.

You begin by selecting your fitness level based on the number of press-ups you can do (we’re happy to reveal we’re in level 2), you’ll then be given a simple workout and can click on each separate exercise to find out more about it if you’re not that sure what you need to do.

You can then click ‘complete workout’ when you’ve finished it and a log will be kept within the app. You can obviously share things to Twitter and Facebook too, which may make you feel more compelled to keep up with the workouts in the long run!

Who’s Gorilla Workout for?

Gorilla Workout is ideal for those who want a simple exercise routine that they can keep track of but don’t need a flashy, all-singing-all-dancing interface to stay motivated.

Gorilla Workout is available from iTunes for £1.49, but you can get your hands on the ‘Lite’ version for free, you’ll just have a little less access to different workouts.

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